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Space Tips

- Void Championship: If you are struggling to do well, try to mimic whatever lineup the top players are using, in the EXACT order they are using, and give those characters the best gear you have. Same applies for Hub Trials.

- Lost Land: Sweep this whenever you can. It gives great bonuses every sweep. The store in here has great discounted items for scrolls and other things not normally found in the Shopping Mall

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Union Expectations

1) Stay active. If you are unable to stay active due to personal reasons, please notify the chairman or the elders with your explanation. We will do our best to hold your spot. This can best be acc

Home Tips

- Homeworld: -Buying the Quick exploration at the Discovery Hall/Star Explore IS WORTH IT! It will pay off in the long run and make the Star Tech much easier and more tolerable to upgrade. Buy it wh

Union Tips

- Union Tech: Focus on HP/Attack- Upgrading to lvl 200 allows you to use the Union Institute to spend resources you've no doubt been saving - Union War: You will get 3-4 rounds to attack. Use your b


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